Top 5 Travel Marketing Tools

Travel is changing in 2016, and boy are we excited. We have listed our top 5 Travel Marketing Tools for 2016 below. Enjoy!

Top 5 2016 Travel Marketing Tools

  1. Mailchimp Affordable easy to user - Mailchimp is, in our humble opinion, the best option when it comes to email marketing. Mailchimp is an online, user-friendly email marketing solution which helps you manage subscribers, send emails, and track results. Mailchimp offers so many opportunities for integration with other programs, that it is hard not to hop on board. Also, if your list is fairly small, under 2000, you can have up to 12000 email sends per month completely FREE, no gimmicks it really is free. That is more than one email per week per client. Not bad. (We recommend at least 3 emails per week to your client base).

  2. Hootsuite Another one of our favorite tools. With Hootsuite, unless you are a pretty large marketing firm, or have several social media sites you update, the free package will work great for you. If you would like to add a user, or have team collaboration, you may want to go with the Pro plans. Either way the system is affordable and can turn you into a social media marketing genius overnight! Schedule an entire year worth of posts if you like, or just go as far as next week. You can schedule your posts around upcoming supplier offers and promotions, or around the seasonal travel we all know so well. The way it works is you sync all your social media networks, Facebook, twitter, google+, your blog, etc. and you schedule your posts, with images or without as far out as you would like to go. It really is an efficient way to get things done. If you have a marketing team, you can assign certain team members to certain accounts, and completely manage your online social media presence all from one area. Don't want one of your scheduled posts to go out? No problem, just cancel it before it does.

  3. Babbly Give a share, get a share. That is the motto. This is a great way to basically crowd source your content out to others who need their content shared also. You can choose from relevant content, share it in your posts, by doing so you will get points. Those points can be used to acquire shares. It is simple and effective. We love it.

  4. Mobile Responsive Website Do we really have to tell you how important this is? Think about what you do on your phone, or mobile device, everything you look up, anything you buy. Just know that your customers love their devices just as much as you do. If your website is not mobile responsive you are losing huge amounts of business this way. It is said that you have exactly 3 seconds to catch a mobile users eye. If a site is not mobile friendly they will leave immediately. Google and other search engine giants are giving special preference to mobile friendly sites, the reason? That is where all the traffic is coming from. So if you are listed in your local area, but don't have a mobile friendly site, chances are your name won't even come up in a search! If you are going to invest in any one thing, this is the most important thing you can do.

  5. Narrow A newbie that we love. This program is affordable and fantastic! You basically put in your business criteria, your target audience demographics, and then sit back and wait for it to start doing it's job. With the key words and information that are relative to your business, Narrow goes out and searches for relevant users for you! It doesn't get much easier than that. It truly is effortless. Once they have been sought out, you can engage, they will share, and presto - automated traffic. Right now they only work with Twitter, oh how we hope they expand the list!

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