About Us

What makes Agent Fusion different from a typical Host Agency or White Label Solution?  Control.  Your business is fully in your control.  You control your mark ups, your agents, your design, your content, your supplier relationships.  Agent Fusion gives you the power to succeed, on your terms.


Agent Fusion is the creation of a global team of travel experts who specialize in marketing, inventory management and travel technology.  For more than 25 years our experts have traveled the globe working with various renowned companies. Along the way, our teams have integrated with many travel website platforms on the market.


Our findings?  Travel businesses have long suffered at the hands of the "middle man".  By connecting to a traditional Host Agency, white label solution, or booking platform, agencies and tour operators decrease the amount of commission they make.  At times they even have to give up their identity in the process.  Further it was nearly impossible to find a B2B and B2C platform all in one.  It seemed impossible to get the best of all worlds.


Now, what to do with these findings?  First we needed to find out if there were travel inventory suppliers willing to support a platform that directly connected them to travel professionals.  The answer?  Yes.   Next, we fused that inventory to a user friendly all inclusive B2B and B2C web platform - connecting travel professionals directly to wholesalers, suppliers, and their clients!


Our preferred inventory partners make it easy for you to increase your margins, giving you more money to market and grow your business.  Connections are a big part of what Agent Fusion does.  Connecting you to the right inventory partners is what makes Agent Fusion the best hosted travel professional platform on the market.



Why Agent Fusion?



We have taken the best of our technology and the best of our supplier relationships and fused them into an accessible, affordable platform available to travel businesses around the globe.  


Why is this good for you?

  • Avoid the cost of large API connection projects - we've done all the heavy lifting 
  • Thousands of hotels, cars, and activities at the best rates and the highest margins in the industry
  • Agent Fusion "Secret Stash" promotions you won’t find anywhere else
  • Get the credit you deserve for your bookings with our preferred suppliers by going direct
  • Control your content and promotions
  • More efficiency and higher profits
  • Join a network of more than 7000 registered agents
  • Payment platform integration*
  • GDS and Consolidated Air integration*
  • Cruise supplier integration*


Tools you can actually use.

  • Award-winning technology
  • Consumer facing responsive website with live booking engines
  • The most affordable monthly travel SaaS rates available
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Manager
  • Agent Management
  • Mark Up and Promo Management
  • Robust reporting
  • Timely commission tracking and payments
  • Last-minute availability
  • Customer Loyalty Platform (CLP)
  • 24/7 tech and customer service emergency support
  • Mutilevel user accounts*
  • Marketing platform*


We know what you need.

We know you are busy.  We know you are hard working.  You deserve a website that works for you.  You deserve credit for your hard work.  You are on the move, you need flexibility.  Work from anywhere, anytime.  All of your resources are web based.  Nothing to install, always available.  Hosted on the fastest servers available so that you can do what you do best, sell travel and manage your business.

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